Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bluegrass here we come!

Oi! It's been a long two days.

I have spent the last two days processing our first shipping orders through the new website. It is pretty exciting to get an automated notification letting you know you have sold product and that all the hard work has paid off and things seem to be working as intended. There is a bit of a learning curve and a lot of room for improvement, mostly because I am terrified of making a mistake and am spending a lot of time checking my work. Good for the customer, bad for me. But with practice, I'm sure, it will get smoother and I will be able to automate some of the steps that I am currently doing by hand.

The last two days have also been filled with prepping for the Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival. I have been putting together pricing sheets, business cards, product information packets and various informational handouts and signs. My brother has also had me making "lobster bib roll-ups" which are a nice little packets that consist of a bib, napkins, cutlery, and a wet nap.

David and I spent some time getting pictures of our bacon wrapped scallops and crab cakes.

While the pictures came out great and a lot of hard work came together to create some really nice looking products, I am most pleased with my latest Inkscape creation.

Keep your eyes peeled for some pictures from the festival. Or better yet swing by, listen to some tunes, visit our booth, and end up in some of our pictures.