Saturday, May 17, 2014

Summer is Coming! And so are the Lobsters!

As winter approaches lobsters head offshore for warmer water. Wait . . . what did you say? Warmer water offshore? Yep. That's right, the shallow coastal waters are much more susceptible to seasonal temperatures changes. Large bodies of water (i.e. the deep ocean) maintains a relatively stable temperature year round while the coves and creeks near shore can actually freeze over. 

When the lobsters move offshore for the winter, only some fishermen follow them. It takes a bigger boat and more gear to travel greater distances and be able to work in the rougher weather. In the winter, many fishermen will use the winter to dry out their gear and perform maintenance on their boats. They might switch to digging clams or join a construction crew. At one point we had a fishermen who was a real estate agent in the winter. 

The winter also brings bad storms and rough weather that keep the boats at the dock.

Harder to Catch Lobsters + Fewer Fishermen + Fewer Fishable Days = Fewer Lobsters Caught and Higher Prices

The deep winter usually yields extremely high prices. We were up to $9 per pound for live lobsters in the store in April. But I have good news. We are now on the backside of the hill. The near shore waters are starting to fill up with lobster buoys, the lobsters are moving towards the warming coastal waters to shed their shells and breed. The weather is improving and catches are up, meaning the prices of lobsters is beginning to drop.