Thursday, July 17, 2014

Reconfigured Web-Store

This week I have been working on tweaking the web-store to hopefully make it more user friendly and flexible.

- Lobsters no longer have to be purchased in a pre-determined box size. You may select as many or as few as you want.

- There is now an option to choose between live and cooked lobsters.

- The number of lobster product links have been trimmed, now all you have to do is choose between Small, Medium, and Large

- The upfront product price will now better reflect the prices posted in the brick and mortar store. Packaging expenses have been moved to a flat handling charge that is applied at checkout.

- For the time being we have removed the combination packs (except for the Lobster Roll Kit). Some of them will be returning. Right now, our products are available a la carte.

Also, new this week, I got motivated and sent out an email newsletter/flyer. I have been collecting email addresses for months, I just hadn't gotten around to publishing anything yet. My goal is to send one out once a week with updates and specials. So if you haven't already joined our mailing list you can do so here.