Saturday, November 15, 2014

Skip the Turkey, Stuff a Lobster

A nice stuffed turkey is very traditional. But where is the fun in traditional? Seafood is a great way to mix it up and take Thanksgiving beyond the usual trimmings.

The Fish King is a hardcore traditionalist. He squeals and throws a fit if we do anything other than a traditional turkey for Thanksgiving. We all find this especially amusing because he doesn't even really like poultry all that much; try to feed him chicken or turkey the rest of the year and he will scrunch up his nose and "suffer through." There is just something about Thanksgiving.

But that doesn't stop us from mixing it up every couple of years. Sometimes it is subtle, just a little seafood stuffing in the bird. One year we fried a turkey. Other years we have skipped the bird altogether and stuffed the lobsters.

Last year we did baked stuffed lobsters with a lemon risotto. It was definitely not your traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but we had a small group and things were a little hectic so a shift from the usual spread was a welcome change. Even though we skipped the bird and the dozen or so accompaniments that usual grace the table, it was no less of a feast.

Mixing up Thanksgiving dinner is a great way to build memories and keep track of the years. If nothing else it makes for a strong bookmark in the story of family gatherings.

"Remember the year cousin Jimmy broke his toe?"
"Was that the year we had turkey?"
"No, it was the other year we had turkey."


"Remember the year cousin Jimmy got peas stuck in his nose?
"Yeah! That was the year we had stuffed lobsters!"

Any lobster can be stuffed, but it is extra special when you serve a plate piled high with a jumbo lobster. We currently have jumbo lobsters on our website that range in size from 1.75 to 2.5 lbs each. Jumbo Lobsters

We have also added our seafood stuffing (which contains scallops and shrimp) to the website. The seafood stuffing is great for stuffing clams, oysters, fish, lobsters, and mushrooms. Seafood Stuffing

Buying Seafood for Thanksgiving

Gurnet Trading Co. is currently open 9-6 Monday through Saturday. We close at 5 on Sundays. We will not be open on Thanksgiving, so pick up all your supplies on Wednesday.

If you want to have some seafood shipped, all orders must be placed by Monday, November 24th. We will ship orders on the 25th for delivery on the 26th. FEDEX does not deliver on Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving! And keep your eyes peeled for some up coming holiday specials.