Saturday, May 2, 2015

Mom's, Bikes, and Cheaper Lobsters

Lobster Prices

If you have been paying any attention to lobsters over the last few months you will know that the price has been high. Live lobsters have been up over $12 per pound and lobster meat has risen as high as $75 per pound. Yikes!

But today I bear good news. The price of lobsters has begun to drop and as the weather improves we should continue to see price decreases. Yay!

Today I updated our website, slashing small lobsters by $2 per pound and dropping a $1 per pound off from mediums, larges, and jumbos. Picked lobster meat saw a $10 per pound drop.

Mother's Day Shipping Schedule

The price drop comes just in time for Mother's Day. Mother's Day is important for us, lobsters are a popular choice to show Mom you care plus it marks the beginning of our "summer" busy season.

Mother's Day is Sunday May 10, 2015. You have two options for scheduling the delivery of tasty lobsters to your mom for a special weekend.

1. Place your order NLT 8 pm EST on Wednesday. We will ship on Thursday and your mom will receive her package on Friday.

2. Place your order NLT 8 pm EST on Thursday (selecting Priority Overnight and Saturday Delivery). We will ship on Friday and your mom will receive her package on Saturday. Please keep in mind that there is a $20 surcharge Saturday deliveries.

Trek Across Maine Fundraising

Finally, David and I will be riding in the Trek Across Maine this year. It is a 3-day, 180 mile bike ride from the western mountains (Sunday River Ski Resort) to the coast (Belfast). Proceeds support the American Lung Association of New England. If you didn't know, the ALA does a lot more than fight cancer. They also fight for clean and healthy air for everyone. They lobby for stronger emissions laws and help protect existing laws. Two of my favorite acts they supported were banning indoor smoking and smoking near public entrances.

Anyway, David and I will be riding in the Trek and working on collecting donations. If you donate $25 or more I will waive my portion of the handling charge ($10) on your next shipping order.

Step 1. Click HERE and donate at least $25.
Step 2. Send me an email at, I will send you a coupon code that will be good for 1 year.
Step 3. Go to shopping at GurnetTrading.Com/Shop and enter your code at check out to receive $10 off.

Oh and donations are also tax deductible. Donations need to be made by May 13th.

My lungs thank you for your support!